Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mar 13/06 - On the a new flag and an old tactic

PMBComment: Distractions are needed, and common, when reality bites hard. If bread is becoming scarce, and people are demanding change, bring in the circus. That is what Mr. Chavez has delivered in the form of a new flag and a new crest of arms for his “Republica Bolivariana”. Ignoring the fact that the current National Assembly has an infinitesimal mandate, he defiantly got them to rubber stamp his wishes and produce new national symbols. “Allah is great, but Hugo is brilliant” sang the choir.

That priorities are others is of no concern to a man that wants to establish that nothing stands between him and his infuriating desire to rewrite our nation’s history and obliterate our nation’s future. Whim and wastefulness are now set to fly from hundred of flag posts and be plastered on every possible wall, badge, uniform, banner, screen and credential. What a brilliant use of public funds, almost better than buying oodles of Argentine bonds.

Of all the new flag designs that I received, the one above best reflects Venezuela’s sad predicament. A growing red band forces the blue band that must now accommodate an eighth star. Like the infamous viaduct, and so much more, the arch of stars simply collapses. The horse in the crest has been replaced by a shinny white plane flying to the left and the upper left quadrant symbolizes the new ethos of the regime: cash or, more precisely, dollars. Pity they did not choose this one. But what the hell, if the emperor is stark naked, why not let him use a new flag to make believe. PMB