Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mar 29/06 - On the use, and abuse, of Asymmetric Rhetoric: Hugo weaponizes his tongue

Whose weapon will be more effective?

PMBComment: This is a quote that trumps the Clintonite “Maisto Doctrine" ("Do not judge Chávez by his words, judge him for his deeds") once and for all. It also explains why a confrontation with the US is not only unavoidable, but also desirable from the chavista perspective.

Hugo Chávez

”He who intends to seriously undertake - in Latin America, a transformational project, unavoidably, sooner rather than later, will clash with the North American empire, and the confrontation is necessary the way I see it because confrontation defines”

March 28th, 2006

"Quien pretenda hacer de verdad en América Latina sobre todo, un proyecto de transformación, inevitablemente, más temprano que tarde, chocará con el imperio norteamericano y el choque es necesario además así lo creo porque el choque define".

Marzo 28, 2006

If more evidence is needed about the futility of trying to establish a dialogue with Lt. Col. Chávez, this video clip - is proof of the mental state of the man some US ultra "liberals" see as part of their anti-Bush arsenal. One can only hope that their hatred of President Bush will, at some point, be tempered - particularly when it comes to choosing allies - by real facts and real reason. The REAL enemies of the US - and of the universal values it embodies (with some blatant contradictions) - are having a field day thanks to the most superficial and polarized domestic political environment in decades.

Asymmetric warfare is the Bolivarian revolution’s plan to confront the “Empire”, as you will see from the video, it is clearly being played out - verbally - to perfection....and to boot, it has fans in the US. PMB

VIDEO LINK: while I assume you have all seen, or read about, the infamous Aló Presidente with the almost 3 minutes anti-Bush outburst ("Mr Danger you are a ...donkey, drunkard, assassin, genocide..."), I am including the link to it - with ENGLISH subtitles - so you can share with those who have not seen it, those who do not speak Spanish or those that still advocate that the solution is to reduce the level of Washington's anti-Chávez rhetoric. (the latter, by the way, was achieved rather swiftly with the summary dismissal of Roger Noriega, who had become Chávez’s favored “enemy”).