Saturday, November 19, 2005

Nov 19/05 - On rhetorical excess and excessive candor: Chávez's verbal incontinence

If calling President Fox "the empire's puppy" was insulting, singing rancheras was injurious.

Question for Congressman Delahunt: Is this what you had in mind when requesting a moratorium on rhetoric?

I regret the conflict with the Mexican government; I have always made an effort to maintain good relations with all countries. I really regret it, but I could not stay quiet. I respect the majesty of the Mexican president, as I respect all presidents except one. Because Bush is an assassin, a mass murderer, a real crazy man, a real treat to the world. One cannot respect someone who does not respect the world, someone who threatens the entire world.. he cannot be respected”.

And for those who still think Chávez understand the workings of democracy

"Since 1998, the US. has bitten the dust, since they tried to prevent my election…here we are …We are never going to leave, the revolution arrived to stay in Venezuela

Both quotes by Hugo Chávez at anti-Fox rally in Caracas, November 19th, 2005