Monday, October 31, 2005

Nov 3/05 - On what happens to those who lie on camara: will Ted Koppel have to expose Hugo tonight?

First came the interview, tonight we should hear the thruth

PMBComments: as a response to my letter to ABC Nightline’s Ted Koppel, I have been in touch with members of his team and have a feeling that their patience with Hugo Chavez’s is just about to run out. Failure of his government to deliver the information he offered during the September 16th interview is not taken lightly by one of the most professional news teams in American TV journalism. In this regard, I suggest you tune in to tonight’s broadcast (11:30 PM EST on ABC) and find out whether the enfant terrible of Latin politics has been caught red-handed lying on American (and British) television as he does constantly, adroitly and shamelessly at home.

I understand that Mr. Koppel and his staff have been in constant contact with Venezuelan government officials to no avail (as of this moment). Documentation on the “Balboa plan” has not been made available, and the U.S. public is about to be let into the big truth we all have known for a long time. Hugo Chavez has very little – probably no - regard for the truth. He is simply out to awe and shock in a maniacal race to bring attention upon himself, distract it from his inept and crooked administration, and portray himself on a daily basis - a la Fidel - as the pious victim of a myriad of Bush-inspired murderous conspiracies, truculent plots and halloweenish sub-plots.

During the aforementioned interview, Chavez made the following offer about the US concocted invasion plans they (assume it includes his allies in Havana) had purportedly uncovered: “I can send it to you -- I can't send it all, but I can make sure I can send part of it to you. I can send it to you. … I can send you maps and everything and you can show it to the United States citizens. What I can't tell you his how we got it, to protect the sources, how we got it through military intelligence…But nobody can deny it, because (inaudible) the Balboa plan. We are coming up with the counter-Balboa plan”.

Mr. Koppel, who will be remembered as one of the greatest and most principled newsmen in America, will not retire (he does so on Nov 22) leaving his devout audience with the impression that he too was hoodwinked by this crude, human-rights-abusing-charlatan. While the likes of the NYTimes can continue to discredit themselves with adoring stories about the “poor loving” phenomena, Mr. Koppel’s viewers will be treated to a short but sweet taste of what happens to those who lie to journalists that take their job seriously. PMB