Friday, October 07, 2005

Oct 7/05 - Is this the new flag of the People's Democratic Constitutional Bolivarian Revolutionary Republic of Venycuba?

Fidel and Hugo tossed a coin to determine whose triangle
would go on the left. The coin was stolen before it hit
the ground but the CNE declared Cuba the winner, Carter applauded!

PMBComments: I few days ago I read on of the most farcical statements ever to be attributed to a Cuban official. Carlos Lage, Cuba’s youngish Vice President, once considered to be a moderate reformer said:

Cuba is the most democratic country in the world. Indeed we are the most democratic country, because we have two Presidents: Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez"

This statement was a knee jerk response to Hugo Chávez’s audacious proclamation (or admission) that “our two nations are deep down essentially one”.

By defining democracy as a system with a two headed monster at the helm, Lage is simply reflecting the awful qualities of Cuba’s educational system where State sponsored ignorance - and idolatry of despots- trumps fact or logic. And by continuing to drag Venezuela into the eager arms of Cuba, Hugo Chávez continues to indict himself of the unforgivable crime of treason. PMB