Friday, December 16, 2005

Dec 16/05 - On a futile smoke-screen from the 100% "red" National Assembly

PMBComments: The 100% Bolivarian National Assembly pursues a half-baked smoke-screen strategy that only serves to prove a point. The point? 85% of Venezuela staid away from the polls or voided their vote on December 4th. This pathetic resolution and the recurring attacks by Chávez, and cohorts, against the OAS and EU observation missions, is sure evidence that the election was not really seen as a triumph by the minority that will try, and fail, to govern 25 million awakened (i.e. democratic, feed up, irritated, non-revolutionary, peace seeking…etc.) Venezuelans.

The smoke makes it hard to see what is next, but victimization seems to be the name of the game, so Bolivarian repression (i.e. a’la Carlos Ortega) must be just around the corner. Kicking the board is the only “viable” strategy for a “revolution” stripped suddenly of its mandate. Venezuela’s democratic institutions have perished, but Venezuela’s democrats are very much alive. At least, por ahora. PMB