Sunday, December 04, 2005

SÚMATE Statement, December 4th, 2005, 8:00 PM



Venezuelans, all Venezuelans, saw what really happened today. Even if they try, they won’t be able to hide it.

December 4th of 2005 will mark a breaking point, a before and after in Venezuelan democratic history.

People decisively rejected an illegitimate electoral authority, and a flawed electoral process that has violated Venezuelan laws and international transparency principles.

We have heard different official spokespersons stating we had a normal electoral process. We do not agree: what is normal in an election is to see people voting. This abstention turns it into an illegitimate process.

The election results indicate to Venezuelans and to the world that our country is from this day forward a less democratic country. Two facts attest to that:

First: We go from a Parliament elected by a majority of Venezuelans, to one chosen by a negligible minority.

Second: We go from a multi-party Parliament which reflected the country’s political diversity, to a single-party Parliament, which does not represent ample segments of the population. Today an Assembly wounded by illegitimacy was born.

These are the consequences of having an Electoral National Council Board appointed unconstitutionally. The CNE has acted behind the country’s back, infringing the most elemental principles of the institution of suffrage; it has destroyed the citizens’ confidence in the vote. Today the people of Venezuela, with their conduct have demanded the resignation of the CNE.

In face of this un-concealable situation the Government should listen to what the citizenry has said with its compelling attitude. Recognize its significance, and open new ways to the road back to democracy. The Government must rectify.

If on the contrary, they fail to recognize what has happened and try to cover the sun with a finger, denying the true levels of participation, the citizens without a doubt, will respond in defense of our rights.

SÚMATE reiterates its compromise with the country to continue working so that this majority which today rejected an electoral system which de-legitimized the democratic institutions will once again come out to vote. One day this majority that expressed itself with its silence, will vote, will fill the streets with flags, with hope and liberty. That day will come soon.

… We are Citizens