Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nov 14/07 | On a Hiatus from Blogging

As many have asked, I will simply give you three reasons from the posting hiatus of this blog.
  1. I have been very busy on various matters related to my business affairs, but I have not been distracted from Venezuelan affairs as those on my direct mailing list can attest.
  2. I have always been convinced that with a main subject such as Lt. Col. Chávez there would be a point in time in which the truth would be self evident and the need to harp about it diminishes....por ahora!
  3. I am convinced that a new generation has finally decided to take matters into its own hand and their courage and resourcefulness with trump the corrupting ways of a regime doomed by its lies and the mental state of it single leader. It is their moment and we just observe with pride and delight.
Rest assured that I am behind my screen watching scenarios long ago posted on this blog unfold with scary precision. PMB