Sunday, February 04, 2007

Feb 4/07 | On an easy definition and its simple translations

Shooting down freedom

dic·ta·tor noun

all-powerful ruler who is unencumbered by the legislature, the judiciary or the laws of a land.

Example: As soon as he was elected for the third time he choose to become a dictator, he forced the National Assembly to hand over legislative power to him and he began to nationalize at will all that he alone defines as strategic. Read more

Arabic: طاغِيَه، دكتاتور

Chinese (Simplified): 独裁者

Chinese (Traditional): 獨裁者

Czech: diktátor

Danish: diktator

Dutch: dictator

Estonian: diktaator

Finnish: diktaattori

French: dictateur, *-trice

German: der Diktator

Greek: δικτάτορας

Hungarian: diktátor

Icelandic: einræðisherra

Indonesian: diktator

Italian: dittatore

Japanese: 独裁者

Korean: 독재자

Latvian: diktators

Lithuanian: diktatorius

Norwegian: diktator, enehersker

Polish: dyktator

Portuguese (Brazil): ditador

Portuguese (Portugal): ditador

Romanian: dictator

Russian: диктатор

Slovak: diktátor

Slovenian: diktator

Spanish: dictador

Swedish: diktator

Turkish: diktatör