Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jun 13/06 - On the value of first hand testimony: a UN Ambassador with a unique perspective

Was a copy of the video included?

PMBComment: the Bolivarian revolution has been running out of ‘good” men and women to rotate in the key posts. It is the old musical chairs game but with less people and more chairs. Bucking the pattern, Lt. Coronel Francisco Arias Cardenas – one of the original band of 4F1992 coupsters, who went on to have a rather early and serious falling out with the dictator-in-training-wheels - has been resurrected (absolved might be the best description) and sent to New York as UN Ambassador.

One short plane trip for Mr Arias Cardenas, but one huge gamble by Mr. Chávez.

His task in NY: ensure that Venezuela gets a rotating seat in the Security Council

His credential for the job: non existent, zero, zilch

His opinion about Chávez: Priceless! Click on the link below

“Chavez is an ass….” and more

It would be fascinating if the United Nations Commision of Human Rights took advantage of Arias Cardenas' presence in the UN to question him on the events of April 11, 2002. In this way he could really say he represents the interests of Venezuela and not only those of its tormentor. PMB

URL: http://venenews.net/sites/UBEVET1W/files/20020411_AriasCardenas_Ingles.wmv