Saturday, May 05, 2007

Apr 5/07 | On the Inevitable End of a Perverse Hiatus: The End of the "Revolution" Might be Televised

Almost done? Or not done at all? We will see!

This blog has been in temporary quiet mode for a number of good reasons. In the meantime, the ugly facts often denounced by PMBComments only get worse. But, rest assured that the struggle continues and millions of people continue to defy quietly, and many time fearfully, the death march that defines life in "revolutionary" Venezuela.

It is no longer that important to highlight the facts about the most incompetent, destructive and corrupt government Venezuela has ever had, these are too evident to miss. What is important is to focus all the effort on imagining and crafting a viable alternative. This is a difficult - maybe even impossible - task made much harder by those who have chosen to put their personal interests far ahead of the collective needs of the moment. There are so many Gustavo Cisneroses in Venezuela, some now "richer" and some still poorer (but all poor in spirit); some much smarter and some less bright (but all devoid of a moral compass); all blindly pursuing a joint objective with Mr. Chávez: the absolute and complete demise of a potentially enviable nation.

The difficulty of the task does not make it futile, it simply makes it even more urgent. And remember, history is full of brief hiatuses.

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