Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This Blogger is taking a rest...nothing much to add - por ahora!

Stay tuned to the return of PMBComments in early 2011. Much of what I have warned about in the past years (read past posts) has become reality and Venezuela is today on the verge of political, economic and social collapse.

Corruption, incompetence and the growing presence of all sorts of criminal mafias have defeated - for now (por ahora) - the democratic spirit of millions of Venezuelans. This will be reversed, but it will take time, effort and the solidarity of most in Venezuela and many outside. The tipping point will not be reached without trauma, but it will be reached with certainty...and sooner rather than later. The conditions that made the Bolivarian "revolution" possible not only persist but have be magnified by one of the most senseless and ineffective exercises of power in the region's history.

The state of Venezuela’s democracy has deteriorated sharply, but the desire of Venezuelans to live in democracy endures without any doubt. 

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