Monday, April 15, 2013

Apr 15/13 I Venezuela Electoral/Political Crisis: I invite you to follow me on Twitter

Of all the scenarios anticipated in my post of April 11th (see right below) the interim government of Nicolas Maduro opted for the most unsurvivable for him and his cronies. After the well documented abuse he did not have the option of stealing the election by a razor thin margin. As I wrote on the 11th:
Pollsters - from both camps - now talk about a one-digit gap, with 100% of the momentum in favor of Capriles. This puts us on track for a nerve-racking outcome or something worse. A victory by a narrow margin by either candidate might prove untenable. The incumbent, propelled by the business-as-usual abuse of rules and power and still trumpeting a 20% margin of victory, needs to clear the hurdle by a comfortable margin if the country and the world are to validate this unjust contest as a fair election. Yes, when you abuse the power of incumbency thou shalt deal with incredulity and illegitimacy as a logical reaction.
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