Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Feb 25/14 | On RECONCILIATION | Good read for all that have hatred in their mind of have not made the correct amends.

This is a great sermon - from this past Sunday - about RECONCILIATION. It was by Rev Mark SJ, from Georgetown University. By using a famous baseball incident he caught the attention of Miguel Alberto - our 15 year-old wizard of sports - from the first line (you will understand why when you start reading. At the end of the mass we, as in Cristina and 1, went to Father Mark and asked if he had a written version as it was almost impossible to hear from where we were seated  (the new audio system in this marvelous Dahigren Chapel is sub par, He had one copy in the tidy sacristy (with two Apple iMacs :))

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Video of incident Fr. Mark refers to is here.can be found here:

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