Sunday, June 25, 2006

Jun 25/06 - On new wealth in "revolutionary" times: how dangerous can "friends" become?

A funnier - less consequential - version

PMBComment: This is a link to a very good article (in Spanish) on the emergence of a new Bolivarian oligarchy, and the relationship of the "revolution" to traditional fortunes/wealth in Venezuela. It highlights - once more - that Chávez is developing a conservative crust. And I do not mean in terms of ideology per se, but in the unadulterated material sense. These boligurgueses, as they are commonly called, certainly want to "conserve" what they have made (or won, or stolen, or come upon). A "real" revolution would - at this point - be a threat to them ("death to the oligarchs!" does not have a nice ring to it) and some believe these are the folks fueling the "Chávismo sin Chávez" movement. These people are keenly aware that Chávez's lack of managerial skills (or ethics, or even concerns) allows them to profit beyond their wildest dreams, BUT they also know that Chávez is highly unstable and acknowledge behind his back that most of his growing troubles are self inflicted, and could eventually prove fatal for the "process"

I just have two questions and one suggestion. What will these folks do to protect their new-gotten wealth? And, how dangerous is it for Chávez to be surrounded by people who understand that it is better to be Hugo's (the martyr's?) heirs and not his accomplices? With a Nomenklatura of such wealth and power, Chávez would do well to pay closer attention to his "friends" that to his enemies. PMB

The actual link is (click on the image of the scanned article to get a full size version)